HB preamp by NOLL Electronics

Custom pre-wired preamp + dedicated passive tone package made to our specs by NOLL. A tone-shaping powerhouse with active bypass, DuoTone™ passive tone, and active BMT controls. Shown above with optional metal knobs.

Custom preamp made to our specs by Noll

9v or 18v operation

6 knob configuration:

- Volume (p/p active bypass)
- Blend
- DuoTone™ p/p passive tone (two tone knees, usable in active and passive mode)
- active Treble +/- 15dB @ 4,2KHz
- active Mid +/- 15dB @ 400Hz
- active Bass +/- 15dB @ 40Hz

- S/N ratio: 96dB (1KHz/5Vss)

The Honey Badger preamp by NOLL is a compact equalizer that provides easy installation due to it small size and pre-wired configuration.

Active bass, midrange, and treble controls are center-detented, and allow 15dB of boost/cut with a gentle slope of 6dB per octave resulting in a natural and true sound. The DuoTone™ passive tone is an 'always available' passive tone shaping control with a p/p pot for selecting the treble bleed-off frequency knee.

This preamp is optimized for 9-Volt battery power, but adding an additional 9-Volt battery (18V operation) will increase its headroom and extend battery life.

This preamp is the perfect pairing with any of the Honey Badger pickup offerings, and can be used with active and/or passive pickups.

All units are prewired with high flexible cables. Pre-wired preamp includes all pots, output jack, and battery clip. Potentiometers have 6 mm solid shafts. Minimal soldering is required for connecting the pickup leads to the blend control.


Knobs are not included in the base configuration, but machined aluminum (black) knobs can be purchased as an add-on option.

Knob add-on option includes 3ea large (Vol, Blend, and DuoTone) and 3ea small (active Bass, Mid, and Treble) aluminum knobs. Each knob has two set screws for secure fastening to the solid pot shaft.