P/J Single-Coil set

P-style split paired with a J style single-coil

Copper foil shielding. Used by the best builders to shield control cavities, this added level of EMI protection surrounds each pickup and helps to eliminate buzz in even the toughest of rooms.


Over the years, many well-known players have customized their P-style instruments by adding a J-style pickup to give extra added "point" and flexibility to their sound.  This is done by pairing a standard P-style humbucker and a standard J-style single coil. Depending on the room environment, you may experience the typical EMI buzz inherent in a single-coil type design when the bridge J is solo. The tradeoff is all of the snarly openness of a true single-coil bridge pickup.

Honey Badger offers this customized set together for a great matched sound that will give you all kinds of tones you never thought possible.

For a quick peek at what "Modern" vs. "Vintage" windings is all about, click here.

NOTE: This set is currently available for 4 string only.

Best Style Use:

  • Darned near everything from Funk to Punk and everything in between!

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