About Us

Honey Badger Pickups is made up of four very interesting personalities, all of whom are active bass players- one is a mad scientist who researches into the wee hours of the morning and cooks up the recipes; another is a professional session bassist from Los Angeles who contributes to these recipes; and rounding out our ranks is a powerhouse music retail marketing guru, and the fourth is an actual witch doctor- she not only keeps us on track with accounting, but is a cracker-Jill pickup winder.  Between the four of us, we have well in excess of 70 years in the music business.  And, when we say we've seen it all, we mean it- all the trends and fads that have to do with pickups, preamps and the like.

While attending the annual Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, it occurred to us that a lot of pickup manufacturers were doing a lot of the same things with really similar results.  It also seemed like every single pickup we heard required a lot of electronics to sound really good- like 3-way preamps with midrange cuts and boosts, but the passive tone just wasn’t quite right.

It was at that point that we remembered that a great sounding pickup shouldn’t require extra circuitry to sound good.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with active systems – we’re fans, too – but the sound really needs to be right *there* in order for everything to work the way you hear it in your head.  So, we went about handcrafting the very best sounding passive pickup you can get- and the recipe works unbelievably well whether you're active or passive systems.

And, when we say “handcrafting”, we mean it.  Honey Badgers are all built entirely by us and no one else.  And, it’s done right here in the USA using only the finest ingredients.  We’ve got a handful of builders that use them as their standard offering as well as a number of high profile players who now use them in their general day-to-day gigs, and the reviews have been off the charts. 

We’re very excited, and once you hear them, we know you will be, too.

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